Plotting Time Series in R (New Cyberpunk Theme)

Written by Matt Dancho

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One of the most common data science visualization is a Time Series plot. In this tutorial weโ€™ll learn how to plot time series using ggplot, plotly and timetk.

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Making a Cyberpunk themed Time Series Plot

Itโ€™s super-easy to make a basic time series plot with timetk::plot_time_series(). But did you know you can customize it!

Hereโ€™s how to make a Cyberpunk 2077-themed ggplot.

(Click image to play tutorial)

Step 1

Make a basic plot with timetk::plot_time_series(). Set .interactive = FALSE to return a i object.

Full code in the video Github Repository

Step 2

Create a Cyberpunk theme: Pick the colors and simply add to the theme_cyberpunk() ggplot2 theme function.

Full code in the video Github Repository

Step 3

Customize! Apply ggplot geom and scale functions along with the previously created theme_cyberpunk() to make a stunning time-series visualization!

Full code in the video Github Repository

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