How to Automate PDF Reporting with R

Written by Matt Dancho on October 21, 2020

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Let’s learn how to automate PDFs with R.

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Automate PDF Reporting with R Tutorial

Why create PDF’s manually when you can automate PDFs with R?

That’s exactly what I show you how to do in this tutorial. Here is the final report you will automate today.

PDF Report

First, make a “Parameterized” Rmarkdown file by modifying the YAML with a params section.

Rmarkdown Parameters

Next, insert the parameters in your Rmarkdown Template file so each of the key inputs depend on the parameters.

Insert Rmarkdown Parameters

Finally, in a separate R Script, use rmarkdown::render() to auto-magically create PDF reports by selecting the Rmd Template file and changing the parameters using the params list.

Create PDF Report

Like that, you’ve automated your PDF Reports! 👇

PDF Report

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