How to Automate PowerPoint Slidedecks with R

Written by Matt Dancho

Your boss lives on PowerPoint decks. Do you need to create a Slide Deck every week? Let’s learn how to automate PowerPoint with R, using officer and tidyverse.

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Automate PowerPoint with R

Here’s a common situation, you have to make a Monday Morning Slide Deck. It’s the same deck each week, just date ranges for your data change. Here’s how to automate this process with R!

First, here’s what you need to make - A weekly Stock Report.

Weekly Stock Report

Thinking like a programmer, you can collect your stock data using date ranges.

Stock Data Using Date Ranges

With a little bit of data wrangling with the tidyverse, you’ve got your table extracted & formatted!

Tidyverse Wrangling

Tidyverse Wrangling

Then you use timetk to make a sweet plot.

Timetk package

Plotting stock data

Then you use officer to add the table and plot to powerpoint.

Officer R package

You’ve just automated your Monday Morning PowerPoint in R. BOOM! 💥💥💥

Weekly Stock Report

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