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June 1 - Shiny Web Applications for Business - OPENS!!!

On June 1st, we're opening the doors to Shiny Web Applications For Business (Level 1), the perfect course to begin developing Shiny web apps!

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Shiny Web Applications for Business

The Business Science Difference

Business Science University is different. We have re-imagined data science education using our real-world, practical experience and compressed it into an integrated 3-course system that follows the data science workflow and gets results.

The Goal

Data Science Workflow

Data scientists have one goal: to generate business value. They do this by developing products that influence decisions.

The data science workflow is how data scientists generate business value. It ends with deploying distributed web applications.

The data science toolchain is what a data scientist must learn to be effective in all phases of the data science workflow and ultimately generate value by taking models to production.

Climbing the Hill

The goal is simple. You need to implement distributed web applications that solve business problems and generate ROI for your organization.

To accomplish this, you need to climb the hill, learning: Data Manipulation, Visualization, Advanced Machine Learning, and Distributed Web Applications. This is going to take years, right?

The Goal

The Plan

Integrated 3-Course System

With our integrated 3-course system, you will climb to the top in weeks!

In the process, you will learn the most in-demand tools while completing real-world projects.

  • R-Track (shown): tidyverse, H2O, Shiny, and more.

  • Python-Track (not shown): pandas, H2O, Dash, and more.

This is how we accelerate your learning.

Accelerated Learning

In 23 weeks or less you learn critical foundations tidyverse or pandas, advanced machine learning with H2O, and ML-powered web apps with Shiny or Dash.

With a traditional university this would take 4-years.

With Business Science University it takes 5-months of about 5-10 hours per week of coursework.

The Result

Real Results

Listen to how one of our students, a high-end data science consultant, reduced his time to deliver data science products by 50% after taking the Business Science University curriculum.

Data Science Courses Made for You

Data Analysts & Data Scientists In Business

Data Analysts & Data Scientists In Business

Data savvy professionals seeking to make the link between data science and business objectives to increase ROI for their organization.



Data scientists working for companies in large consulting firms (e.g. Accenture, Deloitte, etc) and boutique consulting firms that focus on enterprise improvement and ROI.



Future data scientists seeking to gain skills in addition to their current program offering. Leveraging Business Science University gets you trained on high-demand skills placing you ahead of your peers in the job market.

Instructor Support

When you have questions, we are here to help. You have access to our instructors through our private Slack Channel and Forums.

BSU Slack Channel

The Business Science Difference

Our program checks all of the boxes.

Product Comparison

Choose A Language To Specialize In...

Data Science is about learning the right tool for the job. Each have pros and cons, and you should have options. We offer multiple tracks depending on your programming language of choice.

...Or master all of them!

Data Science Tracks


The R-Track Course Overview Videos

Watch the 2-minute overview of each primary course in the R-Track.

Business Analysis With R

Data Science Foundations

Learn data science foundations with 10+ tidyverse packages in one integrated course.

Data Science For Business With R

Machine Learning & Business Consulting

Learn H2O, recipes, lime, while you follow a real-world consulting-style business project.

R Shiny Web Apps for Business

Web Application Development

Learn Shiny for building a machine learning-powered web application that is production-ready.

Python Track

Data Science For Business With Python

(DS4B 201-P)

Data Science For Business Course Virtual Workshop - Python

DS4B 201-P is the Python equivalent of our ground-breaking DS4B 201-R course. The student learns Python, Apache Spark (great for Big Data), and other tools taking them from beginner to advanced in 10 weeks! The course is under construction but targeted for Q4 2018.


"I really recommend this course if you want to know how to do Data Science for business. Here Matt will teach you a great path to ROI driven Data Science using R and great tools. The methodology he uses is great if you are involved in any kind of business and want to add value to your company."

- Favio Vázquez, Principal Data Scientist, OXXO

"Business Science teaches the full data science spectrum from developing advanced models to deploying ML-powered web applications. This is real-world data science!"

- Beau Walker, Data Scientist, Liquid Biosciences // Beau Walker Consulting

"Business Science University is an excellent resource for learning data science. The HR 201 course does a great job of teaching how to communicate a business problem, how to execute investigative thinking to solve the problem, and properly structuring code for collaboration and reusability. Most importantly, I took away a repeatable methodology and project structure that can be used to solve future business problems using data science. This was well worth the investment."

- David Curry, CTO, Africa Talent Management

"Business Science created the life-altering packages and tutorials that got me into R"

- Jed Gore, Product Manager // R User, Sentieo

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