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NEW High-Performance Time Series

Expert Forecasting

Learn state-of-the-art forecasting using modeltime, timetk, and GluonTS machine learning.

Business Analysis With R

Data Science Foundations

Learn data science foundations with 10+ tidyverse packages in one integrated course.

Data Science For Business With R

Machine Learning & Business Consulting

Learn H2O, recipes, lime, while you follow a real-world consulting-style business project.

R Shiny Web Apps for Business

Predictive Dashboards

Learn Shiny for building machine learning-powered web applications that are production-ready.

Expert Shiny Developer with AWS

Advanced Web Application Development

Build Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.

Build applications and
insights to your organization

What You Build

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Stock Portfolio Optimization Application

Stock Portfolio Optimization

Make a stock portfolio optimization application that improves the Sharpe Ratio of your investments.

HR Employee Attrition Churn Application

HR Employee Attrition Prevention

Apply cutting-edge machine learning to predict and explain employee churn. Identify which departments, job roles, job levels, and people have the highest expected attrition risk.

Sales Demand Forecast Application

Sales Demand Forecast Prediction

Implement a machine learning model to predict sales demand daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

What You Learn

Advanced Machine Learning
Learn Advanced Machine Learning

Applied to Business Problems
Learn Business Problems

Following Repeatable Frameworks
Learn Repeatable Frameworks

Communicated with Applications
Communicate with Data Products

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