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Look, it's easy to pick up
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Does any of this sound familiar?:


I don't know what skills businesses want...

I'm not sure where to look or find out what companies actually want from data scientists.


My lack of business knowledge is hurting my confidence...

I get data science. But I have no clue how to apply it to business problems (and my confidence is taking a hit because of it).


I'm struggling learning coding...

I'm getting bogged down in programming concepts and it's stopping me from solving business problems.


My business project portfolio is holding me back...

I'm overwhelmed trying to piece together a business project that will get me in the door for an interview with a good company.


I'm stuck in "hello world" hell...

I'm struggling with going beyond the "hello world" basics, and it's preventing me from applying data science to business (and stopping me from getting a data science job or promotion).


I don't have enough time...

I'm working a full time job. And I don't have the time to figure all this stuff out.


I'm unsure how to show my true value to a business...

I want to stand out. But, I have no clue what they want. And I'm about to give up.

If this sounds familiar, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to get quality advice and support. Maybe there's a better way?

Want to become a Business Scientist?
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Introducing the 5-Course R-Track Program:

5 Courses that follow your career path as a data scientist.

Career Path R-Track Program

Each course gets you closer to your career goals. Inside you will:

Follow a proven framework for solving business problems with data science that gives companies the confidence in hiring you.

Learn high-performance tools that create 100s of models in minutes, enable explainability for stakeholders, and increase your productivity.

Gain business project experience from Day 1. By day 30 you've applied 100s of different skills to business problems. By Day 90 you've completed multiple business projects.

Discover what businesses actually want Learn the timeless secrets for delivering business value (and immediately stand out from the crowd in interviews and on the job).

Learn programming for business, which is accomplished through our unique blend of business problem solving, bite-sized lessons, progressive learning + skill integration, and project-based learning.

Use our cheat sheets and frameworks that simplify learning programming, business problem-solving, and machine learning.

Collaborate with our community of 5,684+ data scientists that are learning right with you. And get access to the founder, Matt, who answers questions and keeps you learning.

Build amazing projects that companies will be drooling over. Get companies to compete for you (after taking one look at your project portfolio).

Still skeptical? Check out our student's results.

Here are 25 success stories that demonstrate what our 5-Course R-Track can do:

BSU Hall of Fame

Become the business data scientist you were meant to be...

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Imagine filling your portfolio with these...

Try the web applications.

Sales Demand Forecast Application

Sales Demand Forecast Prediction

Implement a machine learning model to predict sales demand daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Sales Demand Forecast Application

Price Prediction & Recommendation

Use machine learning to recommend prices based on a product portfolio, detect product gaps, & improve consistency.

Stock AnalyzerApplication

Stock Analyzer App

A financial application for analyzing trends in your favorite SP 500 stocks. Leverages AWS EC2 and MongoDB Atlas Cloud for managing multiple users.

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Meet the
Production Track
With Python Courses

NEW Python for Data Science Automation

Python-Track | Course 1

Help organizations transition business processes to data science automations.

You're one step away from
your data science career

"Matt's courses teach you how to solve the
data science problem."
"I encourage everyone to enroll in Matt's courses!"

How one student founded a consulting company and used Matt's courses to train himself and his team coming from non-traditional backgrounds like photography and political science.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get.

Q1: How long do I have access to courses?

You get lifetime access to the 5 R-Track Courses and BSU Community Slack Channel for support. This means that you gain lifetime access to all course upgrades and improvements. And you can communicate with me and 2,899+ students in our private slack channel for lifetime.

Q2: I'm a complete beginner. Can I start this program?

No experience is required with the first R-Track Course. We walk you through getting R set up, installing the software, and we teach you the coding skills, the statistical / math skills, and teach you all of the algorithms you need to know... for solving business problems. No math experience required. No coding experience required. No statistics experience required.

Q3: Can I get a job with R?

Yes. R and Python are just tools. Companies pay $100,000+ salaries for business results. Our students typically see 5X to 10X faster results using R vs Python. This means that you have a competitive advantage in the job market by learning R.

Q4: Who are these courses for?

Our program is for students that want to make a measurable change in their careers by: Becoming a Data Scientist, Getting promoted to Senior Data Scientist, Getting promoted to Lead/Principal Data Scientist, Getting promoted to Data Analytics Manager, Data Science Manager and Director Positions, Getting promoted to VP of Data Science or Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Q5: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with your course purchase, contact Business Science in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Q6: What is the price?

Depending on your product selection, the pricing is listed on the course information page. See the Courses Tab for more information.

Q7: Do you offer payment plans?

Each course page has detailed information. If a payment plan is offered, it will be listed on the course page.

Q8: Do you offer mentorship?

All R-Track and Production with Pythonc course purchases include access to our Private Slack Channel Community. We provide virtual support to help you when needed.

Q9: How long are the courses?

Each course is 25 to 40 hours of video content. The R-Track is approximately 160 hours of video in total.

Q10: How long will completing each course take?

Each course can be completed in 1 to 2 months with 5 to 10 hours per week of effort. The Full 5-Course R-Track can be completed in 6 months with 10 hours per week of effort.

Q11: How are these courses different than other "Online Data Schools"?

Most online data schools run on subscription. They are inherently motivated to make you take longer to become a data scientist. They play tricks like gamification and only having you fill in part of an analysis (never completing the whole thing). This is why it takes 3+ years to feel confident. Business Science does the opposite. We provide a streamlined program that is integrated. You begin with the foundations. Then quickly progress to advanced analysis by completing end-to-end projects. This builds your skills much faster than the other "Online Data Schools". And this is why many of our students get jobs and promotions much faster.

Q12: What is the average completion time given 5 Hours per day?

The full 5-Course R-Track can be completed in 6 to 12 months with 5 hours per week of effort.

Q13: How many hours is the program?

The full 5-Course R-Track is approximately 160 hours of video.

Q14: Is it lifetime access to the courses?

Yes. You get lifetime access to R-Track and Production Python Courses when you purchase. Learning Labs PRO is a subscription membership.

Q15: What if I am already proficient in a topic?

It's still recommended to take the full 5-Course R-Track. It's important to solidify any skills you may have missed from other learning programs and self-teaching.

Q16: How do we get access to the Slack Channel when we purchase a course?

A link to our private slack channel community is provided in the first section of each course.

Q17: Can someone with no data analysis background get a job after taking this course?

Yes. While we cannot guarantee results, our testimonials suggest that complete beginners with no experience can get a job in data analyst and data scientist. It is totally possible when you learn the skills. We do recommend not applying to jobs that require PhD level but rather entry roles. If you are transitioning from Senior-Levels, then we recommend going for Senior Data Analyst or Senior Data Scientist in the field that you have domain expertise in.

Q18: Is the purchase lifetime if I just buy a single course?

Yes. All single course purchases are lifetime. Learning Labs PRO is the only exception if you opt for a subscription membership plan.

Q19: What is the difference between the R-Track and Learning Labs PRO?

The R-Track is a complete system where you transform into a Business Scientist. Learning Labs PRO is a useful addition as it gives you 80+ Labs which are projects and covers new topics since formation of the core curriculum.

Q20: Why do you recommend R (when many jobs want Python)?

When I was learning data science, I quit Python. I couldn't learn it. It was too much like coding. And I struggled. I then found R and I found it to be much better for Business Analysis. R was easier to set up, I could get results faster with the tidyverse, reporting was easier with Rmarkdown, plots were easier and looked better with ggplot2 and plotly, and shiny apps impressed companies (when I consulted companies would pay me $10,000 to $25,000 per app). So R provided a rich ecosystem to learn fast, help companies and get paid faster.

Become the business data scientist you were meant to be...

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