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Learning to achieve business objectives using data science enables you to become a strategic asset to your organization. We combine expert instructors, high-performance tools, and long-format courses that teach end-to-end data science projects with a focus on Return-On-Investment (ROI). This gets results.

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Data Science is about learning the right tool for the job. Each have pros and cons, and you should have options. We offer multiple tracks depending on your programming language of choice.

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Virtual Workshop Overview

(R Track)

Data Science For Business Course Virtual Workshop

The Virtual Workshop is an integrated collection of courses that teaches you 90% of the skills you will need to be successful as a data scientist within an enterprise. The central course teaches the critical analysis. The extension courses target critical skills such as web applications, communication, and package development.

Data Science For Business With R

(DS4B 201-R)

DS4B 201-R is a ground-breaking course that takes students from beginner to advanced in 10 weeks! The student evaluates one problem in-depth learning all of the critical aspects of applying data science and machine learning to business. Students consistently rate a 9 of 10 in course satisfaction!

Python Track

Data Science For Business With Python

(DS4B 201-P)

Data Science For Business Course Virtual Workshop

DS4B 201-P is the Python equivalent of our ground-breaking DS4B 201-R course. The student learns Python, Apache Spark (great for Big Data), and other tools taking them from beginner to advanced in 10 weeks! The course is under construction but targeted for Q4 2018.

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Reducing Time-To-Deliver Data Science By 50%

"I was able to reduce my time-to-deliver projects by 50% after taking Data Science For Business With R (DS4B 201-R) and implementing the Business Science Problem Framework."

- Rodrigo Prado, Managing Partner Big Data Analytics & Strategy at Genesis Partners

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  • Oct 12, 2018: Data Science GO Conference 2018

    Matt is giving a workshop on Machine Learning with H2O and a talk on Data Science For Business With Applications In R And H2O. Come see the fun and learn our tools and systems for success!

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Latest Insights
    Data Science With R Series - Week 1
    Written by Matt Dancho on September 20, 2018

    Data Science and Machine Learning in business begins with R. Why? R is the premier language that enables rapid exploration, modeling, and communication in a way that no other programming language can match: SPEED! This is why you need to learn R. Time is money, and, in a world where you are measured on productivity and skill, R is your best friend.

    Case Study: How To Build A High Performance Data Science Team
    Written by Matt Dancho and Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota on September 18, 2018

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change industries across the board, yet few organizations are able to capture its value and realize a real return-on-investment. The reality is that the transition to AI and data driven analysis is difficult and not well understood. The issue is twofold, first, the necessary technology to complete such a task has only recently become mainstream, and second, most data scientists are inexperienced in their respective industries. However, with all the uncertainty surrounding this topic, one hedge fund has managed to navigate through these challenges and accomplish what many companies are failing to do: building a high-performing data science team that achieves real return-on-investment (ROI).

    Agile Framework For Creating An ROI-Driven Data Science Practice
    Written by Favio Vazquez on August 21, 2018

    Data Science is an amazing field of research that is under active development both from the academia and the industry. One of the saddest facts in the real-world is that most data science projects in organizations fail. Here I’ll present a new iteration of an agile framework called Business Science Problem Framework (Download PDF here) to implement data science in a way that enables decision making to follow a systematic process that connects the models you create to Return On Investment (ROI) and show the value that your improvements bring to the business. The end result is that the BSPF is an agile framework, and we are working to develop a new visualization (BSPF 2.0) that conveys this agility.

    IML and H2O: Machine Learning Model Interpretability And Feature Explanation
    Written by Brad Boehmke on August 13, 2018

    Model interpretability is critical to businesses. If you want to use high performance models (GLM, RF, GBM, Deep Learning, H2O, Keras, xgboost, etc), you need to learn how to explain them. With machine learning interpretability growing in importance, several R packages designed to provide this capability are gaining in popularity. We analyze the IML package in this article.