How to Make 3D Plots in R

Written by Matt Dancho

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Making Your First 3D Plot
rayshader mtcars-style

Start by making a ggplot w/ mtcars displ vs mpg

Then unleash the AWESOME POWER 🔥 of rayshader to make it 3D ⛰️

Making Elevation Plots
rayshader heatmap-style

What about heatmaps and volcano plots?

Sometimes you have heatmap formatted data where you have a matrix:

  • x/y-axis are the rows/columns
  • depth (z-axis) is the values in the matrix.

We can handle this matrix data format with:

  • A little bit of data wrangling with dplyr.
  • Then make swiftly make a ggplot.
  • Then just like before, use rayshader.
Full code in the video Github Repository

And BOOM! We have a 3D Elevation Heat-Map Plot! ⛰️⛰️⛰️

Full code in the video Github Repository

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