R/Python Teams Course Announcement

Written by Matt Dancho

In my quest to help you be AS VALUABLE AS POSSIBLE to a company, I want to share what I’m working on next. I’m excited to announce that I’m working on my first Python course!

It’s designed for students like me, coming from an R-background, that want to learn how to work within R/Python Collaborative Teams.

R and Python Course

Course Projects

We have a wide range of course projects designed to help you learn Python.

Course Goals

After taking the course:

  • You’ll be prepared to show how you can add value as part of an R/Python Collaborative Team
  • You’ll be confident working with Python Users as part of a Team
  • You’ll be confident working with Python (the basic requirements of data science projects)

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Project 1:
Build Excel Automation with Python

My goal is to teach you how to leverage your R knowledge to learn Python. We’ll cover key python packages that get you up and running.

This is a full Python Project. You’re going to become a master in xlsxwriter, a superior python package for making native xlsx files.

You’ll learn a bunch of python in the process.

Project 2:
Convert H2O AutoML Codebase from R to Python

I’d like to get you familiar with Python Machine Learning.

We can do a lot of cool stuff like use reticulate to leverage Python libraries inside of R. We can even convert our codebase fully to python.

My goal here is to expose you to the range and to break the barriers between R and Python ML. I still intend to show of h2o and a few other exciting ML packages.

Project 3:
Deploy Python & R Models as an API

My goal here is to show you that no matter what tool you use, python or R, you can make and deploy an API that other programs can connect to.

I’m going to try to get as many programs as possible including Excel, Google Sheets, PowerBI, Tableau, etc. This way you see that no matter what language or tool combination your organization uses, you can add value.

I’m also going to shoot for both plumber (R) and FastAPI (python) tutorials. We’ll deploy on AWS.

Python/R Teams
Course Prerequisites

This is an advanced course that will teach you what you need to know to work effectively in collaborative R/Python teams. To take this course:

  • No prior Python knowledge required.
  • Advanced Course - Knowledge of H2O AutoML, R, and Docker will be required to complete the projects.
  • R - Learn foundational data science with R in 101
  • H2O AutoML - Learn AutoML in 201
  • Docker for APIs - Learn docker by deploying apps in 202A

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