Interactive Principal Component Analysis in R

Written by Matt Dancho

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Identify Clusters in your Data:

Weโ€™ll make an Interactive PCA visualization to investigate clusters and learn why observations are similar to each other. Here are the links to get set up. ๐Ÿ‘‡

(Click image to play tutorial)

PCA is all about data wrangling

PCA is a great tool for mining your data for clusters. But, most beginners get a few things wrong:

  • PCA only works with numeric data
  • Categorical data must be encoded as numeric data (e.g. one-hot)
  • Numeric data must be scaled (otherwise your PCA will be misleading)

Data Wrangling is SUPER Critical
We need to use dplyr to encode categorical features as numeric.

PCA Data Wrangling

Full code in the video Github Repository

Before Encoding
PCA will not work with Categorical Data
(You'll get a nice error message)

PCA Category Data Conversion

After Encoding
PCA likes data in this format ๐Ÿ˜Š

PCA Encoding Numerical

Visualizing Clusters

What can we do with PCA + ggplot2? Letโ€™s visualize clusters in our data!

First, fit a PCA using prcomp().

Next, use autoplot() from the ggfortify package.

Then visualize. As an added bonus, we can make it interactive with ggplotly()!

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