Forecasting Time Series ARIMA Models (10 Must-Know Tidyverse Functions #5)

Written by Matt Dancho

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Making multiple ARIMA Time Series models in R used to be difficult. But, with the purrr nest() function and modeltime, forecasting has never been easier. Learn how to make many ARIMA models in this tutorial. Here are the links to get set up. 👇

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What is Nest?

Nesting is a data frame reshaping tool that produces a “nested” structure.

The nested structure is super powerful for modeling groups of data. We’ll see how. Let’s check nest() out. With 3 lines of code, we turn an ordinary data frame into a nested data frame.

Unnested time series data with many groups of time series.

tidyverse nest

Nested Time Series Data that we can model!

tidyverse nest

ARIMA Modeling with Modeltime

So what can we do with a “Nested” Data Frame? How about making 7 ARIMA Forecasts!

Make ARIMA Models

ARIMA Model DataFrame

And with a little extra work (thanks to my Modeltime R Package), we can create this INTERACTIVE ARIMA FORECAST! 💥💥💥

Tidyverse Unnest ARIMA Models

Timeseies ARIMA Models

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shocked gif

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