10 Must-Know Tidyverse Functions: #2 - across()

Written by Matt Dancho on November 3, 2020

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The across() function was just released in dplyr 1.0.0. It’s a new tidyverse function that extends group_by and summarize for multiple column and function summaries.

Learn how to use across() to summarize data like a data wizard:

(Click image to play tutorial)

Why Across?

Across doesn’t do anything you can’t with normal group_by() and summarize(). So why across()? Simply put, across() allows you to scale up your summarization to multiple columns and multiple functions.

Across makes it easy to apply a mean and standard deviation to one or more columns. We just slect the columns and functions that we want to apply.

Tidyverse accross() function 1

Tidyverse accross() function 2

That was ridiculously easy. Keep it up & you’ll become a tidyverse rockstar.


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