Top 5 Best Articles on R for Business [October 2020]

Written by Matt Dancho

Each month, we release tons of great content on R for Business. These are the 5 Top Articles in R for Business over the past month. We have some great ones in October. Let’s dive in. View the updated Top 5 R for Business Article at Business Science.

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No. 1: How to Visualize Time Series Data
Tidy Forecasting in R

How to Visualize Time Series Data is a code comparison of various time series visualizations between these frameworks: fpp2, fpp3 and timetk. This article received a ton of love this month. This article was contributed by one of my all-star students, Joon Im.

No. 2: Introducing Modeltime Ensemble
Time Series Forecast Stacking

I’m SUPER EXCITED to introduce modeltime.ensemble, the time series ensemble extension to modeltime. This tutorial introduces our new R Package, Modeltime Ensemble, which makes it easy to perform stacked forecasts that improve forecast accuracy.

No. 3: How I Started My Data Science Business

This is a true story based on how I created my data science company from scratch. It’s a detailed documentation of my personal journey along with the company I founded, Business Science, and the data science educational university I started, Business Science University .

Have you considered starting a data science company? The journey will try your patience. You will question yourself. You will be spread thin. You will need to learn from failure. You will have to pick yourself up when you get knocked down. You will need to depend on friends, and you must be willing to ask for help.

No. 4: How to Automate Excel with R
Video Tutorial

This article is part of a R-Tips Weekly, a weekly video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to do common R coding tasks.

Using R to automate Excel is an awesome skill for automating your work (and life). Your company lives off Excel files. Why not automate them & save some time?

No. 5: How to Automate Exploratory Analysis Plots
Code Tutorial

When plotting different charts during your exploratory data analysis, you sometimes end up doing a lot of repetitive coding.

In this tutorial we’ll show you a better way to do your EDA, and with less unnecessary coding and more flexibility. This article was contributed by one of my all-star students, Luciano Oliveira Batista.

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