Increase Your Salary With Data Science Skills

Written by Matt Dancho

The Majority of People Get the Standard 3.5% Raise.

Here’s one Business Science Student who received a 40% pay increase in about a year.

Mohana Krishna Chittoor has experienced rapid career acceleration and a new found confidence in his ability to land new positions.

What did Mohana’s experience look like?

Mohana explains that the key was leveraging my Data Science program to apply data science to his job.

The reward? A 40% increase in about a year!

How Would A 40% Raise Impact Your Life?

The majority of us have experienced the average pay increase, because this is what most people receive. How would it feel to save your organization money or increase revenue for your organization and receive more compensation because of your work?

How would it feel to be confident that your skills are in high demand and that you would have zero difficulty finding your next data science role if you were desiring a new job?

You can do it. I will help.

I’m helping data scientists achieve their dreams and accelerate their career through becoming confident data science R coders for business. Take the system that Mohana and 1000+ students just like you are taking - the 4-Course R-Track Program.

If you’re ready to start, then let’s get going. Your new career awaits.

Matt Dancho
Founder, Business Science
Lead Data Science Instructor, Business Science University

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