3 Free Resources to Learn R - Now Open

Written by Matt Dancho

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing our living and working lives. Social distancing is the new norm for many, and each country is dealing with this situation differently. But, we are all in this together and we will get through this together.

I want you to know that during this challenging time, Business Science is offering free educational resources as a response to the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing measures. These are free courses and resources to help you learn R safely from your home while simultaneously reducing the financial burden of those being affected.

1. Free Jumpstart with R Course

I’ve opened Jumpstart with R to help you make your first steps learning Data Science For Business. Jumpstart will be open until Sunday evening to help manage the demand. Each offering gets 1000+ students, which is why I need to throttle to manage forum support.

I will offer more openings as well, but I encourage you to join with this cohort.

Join Jumpstart with R

2. Free Learning Labs

Learning Labs are webinars that teach intermediate and advanced topics on 2-week intervals. Live attendance is free of charge.

Join Learning Labs

3. NEW R-Tips Newsletter

As of this week, I have a brand new Newsletter called R-Tips Weekly. With the speed that R is changing and improving, you need this to stay ahead of the curve.

R-Tips and Learning Labs will really help you stay ahead of the curve as R continues its rapidly changing ecosystem of packages. There are over 15,000 publicly available R packages. You learn the most useful ones with techniques that get results.

Get R-Tips Weekly

Moving Forward

I will continue to share more resources and updates on my Business Science blog, Learning Labs, and social channels over the coming days and weeks. I invite you to reach out to me as needed via LinkedIn.

Stay safe during this time period. Things will get better. Until then, learn, grow, and be safe.

~ Matt Dancho, CEO and Founder of Business Science