Apply Data Science to Improve Addiction Treatment

Written by Matt Dancho

Learning how to apply Data Science to Business is a struggle for many.

Learn how one Business Science student created a data product that aims to help his organization improve the quality of care while reducing cost.

Z. Du is a Senior Financial Analyst at Turning Point Clinic, a wellness center aimed at helping patients (customers) that suffer from addiction.

Z. Du is also a student at Business Science University enrolled in the 101 & 201 Courses, and he’s just done something amazing.

By applying his BSU data science training, Z. Du has developed an innovative report that aims at improving addiction treatment with data science.

Changing Treatment with Data Science

“As our organization continuously strives to improve addiction treatment quality, I’ve recently worked on a project in an effort to discover more ways of understanding our patients and improving the quality of care using Data Science.

I’ve now completed part one of the project — applying unsupervised machine learning to explore attitudinal and behavior patterns via patient surveys.”

"This report follows the BSPF project framework developed by Matt Dancho, an enhanced CRISP-DM Methodology designed specifically for solving business problems using data science.

I learned this framework while taking his course “Data Science for Business with R (DS4B 201-R)."

~ Z. Du | Senior Financial Analyst Turning Point Clinic

Applying the BSU Techniques to Unlock Business Value

Z. Du followed the Business Science Problem Framework - A technique developed by Matt Dancho that has been successfully applied to data science projects unlocking business value.

Z. Du applies business acumen first - Understanding the problem, Developing KPI’s.

He applies advanced data science next - Exploratory analysis of Survey Data, Clustering Responses to identify similar patient response groups, & analyzing patient Churn rates.

Finally, Z. Du applies business insights to create improvement strategies that include:

  1. Increasing Treatment Success

  2. Reducing Wastes & Costs

  3. Improving Retention & Admission Rates

What did Z. Du learn through Business Science?

Here’s what Z. Du had to say…

Learn to Apply Data Science to Business

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