How I Landed My Data Science Job

Written by Matt Dancho

Getting a job in Data Science is difficult. Here's how one Business Science student aced his Data Science Interview and landed a job at a top Management Consulting Firm.

Landing A Job At a Top Management Consulting Firm

After struggling to balance with my work for many months, I’ve finally completed the Business Science University DS4B 201-R: Data Science For Business With R, taught by Matt Dancho.

Unlike other MOOCs, this course showed me how to place data analytics in real business settings. Without this course, I would have never attempted to pay attention to business/financial impacts, generated through my analysis. His instruction turned me a more advanced data scientist and helped me find a new career opportunity.

I will start to work at one of the most prestigious management consulting firms - Deloitte - in October as a cognitive & analytics consultant.

I highly recommended Business Science’s 4-Course R-Track System if you would like to use R as a professional business person! It’s one complete system to go from beginner to expert in 6-months.

How Did Masatake Ace the Interview?

“In a job interview, I was able to draw interviewer’s attention because of my experiences to formulate some insight from analytics for driving business, which I had developed through his course.”

Learning from Masatake’s success, the magic is connecting analytics to the business. If you can successfully show how business problems can be analyzed to return financial benefit, then you will draw the interviewer’s attention.

What Has Masatake Been Doing to Freshen His Skills?

In addition to taking the Business Science University curriculum, Masatake has been actively participating in LinkedIn’s #100daysofcode - A community driven challenge to code every day for 100 days straight.

Here’s an example where Masatake showcases using ggplot2 to adjust a business plot.

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