Expert Shiny Developer with AWS - Course Launch Today!

Written by Matt Dancho

Learn how to build Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.

Expert Shiny Developer with AWS is an innovative course designed to teach data scientists and programmers how to build and deploy production-ready applications in the cloud using R, Shiny and AWS.

Today is the day… Expert Shiny Developer with AWS is officially open for enrollment!

Produce Scalable Web Applications
using Shiny and AWS

Organizations are depending on Data Scientists to produce scalable web applications that democratize data-driven decision making across the business.

Become invaluable to your organization by being the one that has the expertise to put high-quality web applications into production using AWS.

Here’s what you build in the Expert Shiny Developer with AWS Course.

Application Architecture

With Expert Shiny Developer, you will undergo a complete transformation by learning the most in-demand skills for building complex web applications and distributing data science within an organization.

You can go straight to the course here, but first, read on to learn about the amazing 4-Course R-Track Bundle - A Complete Learning Path!

The 4-Course R-Track System
A Complete Learning System

This is our BRAND New 4-Course R-Track System: A complete program to go from beginner to expert in 6-months or less, plus learn web apps with AWS cloud technology.

NEW - 4-Course R-Track System

With the 4-Course R-Track System, you get:

  • Data Science Foundations (DS4B 101-R, Beginner)

  • Predictive Shiny Web Applications (DS4B 102-R, Intermediate)

  • Advanced Machine Learning & Business Consulting (DS4B 201-R, Advanced)

  • Expert Shiny Developer with AWS (DS4B 202A-R, Advanced)

Go from Beginner to Expert Shiny Developer
with One Complete System

Career Acceleration Begins in Right Now: I’m super excited to help you learn the data science skills needed to accelerate your career. Start your journey with our 4-Course R-Track System

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