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Business Science Problem Framework

The BSPF is our interally developed, systematic process for applying data science to business. The BSPF is a key component of our consulting success that we teach as part of our Data Science For Business (DS4B 201) Course. The BSPF combines ideologies from:

Case Study

Implementing the Business Science Problem Framework

...and cutting time-to-deliver data science projects in half!

Reducing Time-To-Deliver Data Science By 50%

"I was able to reduce my time-to-deliver projects by 50% after taking Data Science For Business With R (DS4B 201-R) and implementing the Business Science Problem Framework."

- Rodrigo Prado, Managing Partner Big Data Analytics & Strategy at Genesis Partners

The BSPF Gets Results

A recent success story is that of Rodrigo Prado. Rodrigo is a high-end data science consultant and graduate of the prestigious University of Columbia Masters of Science in Applied Analytics. While the program was very good, Rodrigo left with a knowledge gap still present not fully enabling him to connect data science to the business.

He read the article, How To Successfully Manage A Data Science Project For Businesses: The Business Science Problem Framework, and immediately signed up for our Data Science For Business With R (DS4B 201-R) Course.

Through his company, Genesis Partners, Rodrigo has since implemented the BSPF on 3 projects. Rodrigo followed the program step-by-step, and the BSPF has cut his time-to-deliver data science projects in half!