Course Launch: High-Performance Time Series Forecasting in 7 Days!

Written by Matt Dancho

High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course is an amazing course designed to teach Data Scientists and Business Analysts the business forecasting tools and techniques that win time series competitions and deliver your organization results! We've combined an innovative program with a clear-cut path to forecasting. You'll undergo a complete transformation learning the most in-demand skills that organizations need right now. Time to accelerate your career!

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High-Performance Time Series
Improve your forecasting abilities and accelerate your career

Watch our 2-minute course video that describes the innovative, 3-part roadmap for learning high-performance time series forecasting.

Watch Your Journey (2-Minute Video) - A Streamlined Path to High-Performance Forecasting

Learn from Time Series Competitions
Analyze the winning submissions

High-Performance Time Series Forecasting is a state-of-the-art course designed to teach data scientists and business analysts how to apply the latest forecasting techniques to their businesses by learning from the strategies that won 4 Key Time Series Competitions.

A Project-Based Course
Learn By Completing Real Business Projects with Real Business Data

Project-Based Learning - Learn by Solving 2 Real-World Business Forecasting Problems

This is a project-based course, and here’s the scenario. You are forecasting data related to key performance indicators for an e-learning company. Your primary goals are to improve sales demand forecasting by 10% or more and to set up system for forecasting email subscriptions.

To complete these projects, you will need to learn the state-of-the-art time series forecasting techniques along with time-series feature engineering and working with external data sources. You’ll learn 3 key software libraries along the way!

The Curriculum
By Learn An End-To-End Forecasting Process

Learn the most advanced technology: Modeltime, Timetk, and GluonTS

To complete the projects, you will need to learn:

  • Feature Engineering, Visualization, Data Wrangling, and Transformations: timetk (R)
  • Forecasting with Machine Learning: modeltime (R)
  • Forecasting with Deep Learning: gluonts (Python)

Your 3-Part Journey to High-Performance Forecasting
The innovative system is divided into three parts

The 3-Part Learning Path for High-Performance Forecasting

Part 1 - Feature Engineering

You begin by learning the core data science skills needed to process, transform, visualize, and feature engineer time series data in preparation for machine learning.

  • Competition Overview - 4 competitions and strategies that won - 30 min
  • TS Jumpstart - 1+ Hours
  • Visualization - 1.5 hours
  • Data Wrangling - 1.5 Hours
  • Transformations - 1.5 Hours
  • Challenge 1 - Investigating Revenue and Google Analytics Data - 30 min
  • Feature Eng - Intro & Advanced - 3 hours
  • Challenge 2 - Feature Engineering Revenue, Events, and Lagged Regressors - 1.5 Hours

Part 2 - Forecasting with Machine Learning

You learn how to use many different forecasting and machine learning algorithms for time series.

  • ARIMA - 1.5 hours
  • Prophet - 45 Min
  • ETS, TBATS, & Seasonal Decomp - 1 hour
  • Challenge 3 - Forecasting Revenue with ARIMA, Prophet, and ETS/TBATS - 1.5 hours
  • Machine Learning - GLMNet, KNN, RF, XGBoost, Rule Based - 2 Hours
  • Boosted Algorithms - Prophet & ARIMA - 30 min
  • Hyper Parameter Tuning & Cross Validation - 1+ Hours
  • Scalable Modeling & Time Series Groups - 1+ Hours
  • Ensemble Approaches - Averaging & Stacking - 1+ Hours
  • Challenge 4 - Forecasting Revenue with Ensemble Learning - 1.5 hours

Part 3 - Forecasting with Deep Learning

You learn a state-of-the-art Python library called GluonTS for time series deep learning.

You learn how to perform deep learning for time series:

  • DeepAR

  • DeepVAR

  • NBeats

  • and more!

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