Predictive Web Applications for Business with R Shiny - Course is Open!!!

Written by Matt Dancho

We’ve built a revolutionary system for taking machine learning models into production with R and Shiny. Learn by building two (2) applications - (1) Sales Dashboard and (2) Predictive Web Application that integrates Shiny, Flexdashboard, and XGBoost!

DS4B 102-R Course

The Shiny Web Application Development Course is the culmination of months of work and years of effort in shiny development training through live workshops I’ve given, feedback I’ve received, and best practices that I’ve implemented. Now you get to learn everything through a streamlined systematic course!

Build Predictive Web Apps with Shiny Course

You Build Production-Ready Applications!

The “Price Prediction App” is a web application empowers business people to make data-driven decisions by more consistently pricing products. The application uses Machine Learning to estimate (predict) pricing for new products based on existing products. Taking an application like this into Production in your organization generates ROI because because inconsistent pricing leads to upset customers and lower revenue.

You Build A Machine Learning-Powered Web Application with Shiny and XGBoost

Who is this course for?

Shiny Web Applications for Business (DS4B 102-R) is designed specifically for:

  • Beginner data scientists who have completed the Business Analysis With R (DS4B 101-R) course and want to build predictive web applications

  • Intermediate and Advanced data scientists familiar with R but want to learn Shiny and Flexdashboard to take applications into production

We strongly recommend taking Business Analysis With R (DS4B 101-R) course prior to taking Shiny Web Applications for Business (DS4B 102-R). Because of this we are offering Special Bundles that include multiple courses for additional savings.

Data Science Starter Bundle: 101 + 102 Courses

Data Science Starter Bundle: Courses 101 + 102

Data Science Starter Bundle - Recommended if you are getting started in Data Science for Business

Technologies You Learn

Shiny Application Code - You Learn This

You Learn By Writing The Code, Using The Resources, and Building The App!

The application incorporates:

  • Shiny - A web application framework with UI components that are reactive to user input.
  • Flexdashboard - A dashboarding framework that is built on top of RMarkdown.
  • parsnip and XGBoost - Machine learning models used to predict product prices.

You also work with plotly, shinyWidgets, shinyjs, Font Awesome, Glyphicons, and more!

Learn By Following An Innovative 3-Part System

3-Part System For Learning Shiny

Follow our innovative 3-part system for learning Shiny!

Follow an Innovative 3-Part Learning Path:

  1. Build your knowledge of Core Concepts with a Sales Dashboard

  2. Integrate your knowledge of Machine Learning and advanced techniques into Price Prediction Application

  3. Customize the end product with CSS themes and logos

Part 1: You Begin By Creating A Sales Dashboard

Creating a Sales Dashboard exposes you to reactive programming. You will apply complex rules to control how your application functions when users interact with the app.

Part 1 - Make A Sales Dashboard

You gain experience using:

  • Shiny
  • Geographic Data
  • Time Series Data
  • Interactive Plots
  • Reactive Programming
  • Observing Events & Controlling Flow

Part 2: You Create A Predictive Web Application

You will build a new application that integrates Machine Learning (XGBoost) along with a more complex interactive visualization.

Part 2 - Make A Predictive Web Application

You learn how to:

  • Integrate machine learning (parsnip and XGBoost) into a Web App
  • Modularize code into functions
  • Create advanced interactive charts

Part 3: You Finish By Customizing Your Web Application

Your company’s brand appearance is important. Make an app theme that is consistent with the look and feel of your organization’s branding.

Create Your Own Theme Using HTML & CSS

Part 3 - Customize The App Theme

Use Google's Chrome Inspector

Part 3 - Use Google Chrome Inspector

You will:

  • Learn to use Google Inspector for inspecting web pages
  • Add logos
  • Adjust the theme with CSS

Tools & Frameworks We Provide

You get access to the Ultimate R Cheat Sheet - Version 2.0, which has a new page that covers the shinyverse.

Ultimate R Cheat Sheet - Version 2.0

Gain access to the Ultimate R Cheat Sheet - Version 2.0 - Includes shinyverse

We provide you:

  • A Complete Learning Path to taking you from basic knowledge of R to being able to build and deploy interactive, machine-learning powered web apps
  • A Cohesive Tool Chain that includes shiny, flexdashboard, shinyWidgets, and shinyjs
  • Comprehensive Resources including the Ultimate R Cheat Sheet, code templates, and resources that speed up learning and make referring back to materials simple.
  • Full Life-Time Access: Once you purchase the course, you gain life-time access to content now and any updates in the future.
  • Access to our Private Slack Community where you can access Matt Dancho (the course instructor) and network with like-minded students.

Summary Of What You Get!

Course Summary

Summary of What You Get!

  • Innovative 3-Part Training Program that teaches you how to build web applications using Shiny & Flexdashboard

  • 2 Web Apps That You Can Productionalize ($5000 value)

    • Sales Dashboard - Exposes you to Geographic and Time Series data along with learning reactive programming with Shiny
    • Product Prediction Application - Integrates Machine Learning (XGBoost) and advanced visualizations
  • Hundreds of Resources ($1000 value):

    • ULTIMATE R CHEAT SHEET - The New & Improved Version 2.0
    • 200+ Video Coding Lessons
    • 7 Key Resources
    • 2 Challenges

Course is Open!

(Unlock Shiny Web Apps Today)

The doors are OPEN!. Get access to our NEW Predictive Web Applications for Business with R Shiny Course here:

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Predictive Web Applications with R Shiny Course

“I look forward to having you in my program. I will do everything in my power to help you succeed!”

Matt Dancho

Founder, Business Science