Finance in R with tidyquant - New Learning Lab 1-Hour Course

Written by Matt Dancho on May 15, 2019

June 1 - Shiny Web Applications for Business - OPENS!!!

On June 1st, we're opening the doors to Shiny Web Applications For Business (Level 1), the perfect course to begin developing Shiny web apps!

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Shiny Web Applications for Business

We have 2 announcements:

  1. Special Delivery to LL Pro Members - We have just released a NEW Learning Lab “1-Hour Course” - Finance in R with tidyquant - Available in Learning Labs PRO). Learn how to performance Stock Analysis and Portfolio Optimization using the tidyquant package.

  2. Spcecial Delivery for Everyone - Next Learning Lab Announcement - We are going to teach you how to Productionalize Machine Learning models with plumber API’s. You can Register Here! (Registration is open until May 22nd)

Tidyquant Course - You Create This Optimized Portfolio

Tidyquant Portfolio Optimization Code

Optimize 250 Portfolios in this Learning Lab 1-Hour Course

What are Learning Labs PRO “1-Hour Courses”?

  1. High-impact, super-efficient courses that teach you exactly what you need to know with the 80/20 Rule in full effect!

  2. We release a new Learning Lab “1-Hour Course” every 2-weeks.

  3. You learn in bite-size chunks on your schedule!

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Learn Finance in R with tidyquant

The “1-Hour Course” agenda encompasses a crystal clear path to teach you exactly what you need to know about Finance with R and FAST!

Tidyquant Course Agenda

Course Agenda - What You Learn - FAST

Here’s what you get in 1-hour (fast and effective)

  • Finance Primer - 8:04

  • What is tidyquant? - 22:10

  • Code Demo: Using tidyquant - 32:18

    • Data Import - tq_get() - 33:20
    • Transform to Returns - tq_transmute() - 35:24
    • Performance Analysis for Components - tq_performance() - 37:51
    • Portfolio Aggregation - tq_portfolio() - 40:14
    • Performance Analysis for Portfolio - tq_performance() - 42:10
    • Optimization (Advanced, furrr & plotly) - 45:33
    • 3D Plot - 54:37
  • How to Become a Financial Data Scientist - 57:46
  • 30-Second Recap - 1:11:07

Get the Code!

You get the code using tidyquant to perform a portfolio optimization of 250 portfolio combinations.

Tidyquant Portfolio Optimization Code

Get the Code to Genarate this 3D Plot

Begin Learning for $19/Month

Coming May 22nd - Build API’s with Plumber!

We’ve just announced our next Learning Lab topic - Building Web API’s with plumber. Register today!

Tidyquant Portfolio Optimization Code

Coming Wednesday, May 22nd - Building API's with Plumber

How do you take Machine Learning Models into Production?

There are a number of ways - One really good option is by creating an API. API’s enable Web Applications to authenticate and connect to your machine learning models.

In this Business Science Learning Lab 1-Hour Course, you will learn how to create a web API with a machine learning model in R using plumber.

Register Here - Open (until May 22, 2019)


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Each course takes the student through their progression in a data science journey. Begin your journey with DS4B 101-R which teaches foundations using the tidyverse. Next, master machine learning for business with DS4B 201-R, where you learn H2O and many advanced R packages. Finish with DS4B 301-R where you learn to develop high-performing web applications using Shiny, a powerful framework for productionizing R code.

R-Track Curriculum Summary

Business Analysis with R (Beginner) - Data Science Foundations 7-Week course 12 tidyverse Packages 2 business projects
Data Science For Business with R (Intermediate/Advanced) - Machine Learning + Business Consulting 10-Week course H2O, LIME, recipes, and 10 more packages 1 end-to-end business project
Web Apps for Business with Shiny (Advanced) - Web Frameworks (Bootstrap, HTML/CSS) and Shiny 6-Week course Shiny, shinytest, shinyloadtest, profvis, and more! Take machine learning model into production

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