Course Launch - Business Analysis With R in 8 Days!

Written by Matt Dancho

We’ve crafted an amazing course for those seeking to break into data science for business! We’ve combined a revolutionary system with a clear-cut path, a cheat sheet that connects every resource learned in the course, two end-to-end projects, and 50 plus tools into one 7 -week course! The perfect data science education program to kick off 2019!

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Course Overview

Business Analysis With R is packed with tools, frameworks, resources, and projects!

Who is this course for?

Business Analysis With R is designed specifically for:

  • Business Analysts that want to accelerate their career with data science, the most in-demand skill of this century!

  • Excel users that want a better tool that scales to large data sets, incorporates advanced algorithms, and accelerates analysis!

Business Analysis with R will accelerate your career!

Taking the Business Analysis With R course is the equivalent of…

Our course converts to:

  • 50+ tool-based courses

  • 2 end-to-end projects

  • 2 frameworks

  • 1 foundational data science education

  • 1 clear-cut path to learning data science in 7 weeks that would otherwise take 1 year+ to learn

All this knowledge is bottled up into one methodically crafted course!

You start at BRAND NEW

You finish at AWESOME

In week 7, you create a Customer Segmentation report that incorporates advanced analytics including K-Means clustering.

No other course will take you as far as the Business Analysis With R course does in 7 weeks.

Customer Segmentation Report

Customer Segmentation Report - One of 2 business reports you create!

We take the guess-work out of learning data science…

Learning data science is tough. There are a million questions…

  • What language is right for me?

  • What libraries should I learn?

  • What algorithms do I need to learn?

  • Which courses should I take to get me where I want to go?

  • How long is this going to take me?

  • WHERE DO I BEGIN?!?!?!

We’ve been there, which is why we’ve designed Business Analysis with R for you

Time is your most valuable resource. Don’t waste it.

We take the guess-work out of learning data science for business. You can focus on learning and applying your new skills.

Complete Learning Path

Your 7-week data science journey!

We provide you:

  • A complete learning path with R: R is the perfect data science language to learn if transitioning from Microsoft Excel. R is functional, which is very similar to Excel.

  • A cohesive tool chain: You use a common programming API called the tidyverse that simplifies the process of importing, joining, cleaning, wrangling, visualizing, modeling, and communicating data & results.

  • Comprehensive resources: You are provided cheat sheets, code templates, and resources that speed up learning and make referring back to materials simple.

  • A 7-week system that packs in a year of knowledge: It normally takes a year or more to learn the tool chain. You learn the foundations in 7 weeks.

  • Full life-time access: Once you purchase the course, you gain life-time access to content now and any updates in the future.

Tools you learn

Data Science With R Tool Chain

10+ core tidyverse packages and more!

Resources you get

Business Analysis With R Resources

Hundreds of resources in 1 course!

Course Launch - January 1st!

Interested? Here’s what you need to do and what you need to know.

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That’s what we do.

We make learning data science integrated, simplified, and efficient saving you time!

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Get ready to crush 2019!

2019 is your year to learn data science. You’ve got this! We look forward to being part of it.

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