Data Science Course Launch Today - Business Analysis With R Now Open!

Written by Matt Dancho

Are you looking to break into data science? Are you finding it difficult to apply the tools and techniques to business? Then look no further. Business Analysis with R is the course for you.

DS4B 101-R Course

The Business Analysis with R Course is the perfect foundational data science education program for those seeking to learn data science for business! We’ve combined a revolutionary system that includes:

  • 10+ integrated tools (R packages)
  • 2 end-to-end projects (new product pricing algorithm, customer segmentation model)
  • 1 clear-cut path
  • 1 cheat sheet that connects every resource learned in the course
  • All in one 7-week course!

About The Course

Business Analysis with R is a Business-First Program that teaches students the fundamentals of data science with the R programming language while they solve business problems. It’s designed to quickly expose students to the entire data science tool chain with the tidyverse through business application.

What You Learn: Data Science with R Toolchain

Data Science With R Toolchain

10+ core tidyverse packages and more!

You will learn:

  • dplyr and tidyr for data cleaning, wrangling, and manipulation

  • lubridate, stringr, and forcats for working with time series, text, and categorical data

  • ggplot2 for building advanced visualizations

  • purrr for iterating and scaling up analyses

  • broom for modeling with base R

  • rmarkdown for business reporting

How You Learn: Project-Based Learning

The student also solves 2 projects during the course:

  1. New Product Pricing Algorithm - Help your R&D department develop new products that fill gaps in the current product portfolio

  2. Customer Segmentation - Help your Marketing department target customers with emails aligned with customer interests

You finish the course with two reports (one for each project). Here’s an example of the Customer Segmentation project report.

Customer Segmentation Report

Customer Segmentation Report - One of 2 business reports you create!

Your Journey: Follow A Clear-Cut Path

The student learns while solving problems and performing common business analysis tasks by following a clear-cut path.

Watch the 2-Minute Course Overview for an understanding of the journey

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Summary: A Complete Foundational Data Science Program For Business

DS4B 101-R Course

In 7-Weeks, learn the tools that will advance your career while generating business value for your organization.

  • Learn by following the R Tool Chain

  • Follow a clear-cut path from data import to business reporting

  • Learn dplyr and tidyr for cleaning and wrangling data

  • Learn ggplot2 for visualization

  • Learn 2 modeling techniques: regression and clustering

  • All while solving 2 business projects!

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One More Thing: An R-Track Bundle

Business Analysis With R compliments our more advanced Data Science For Business with R. The first teaches foundations. The second teaches machine learning with a business consulting process. You can get both in our ultimate R-Track bundle.

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