How To Learn R Fast | Episode 1

Written by David Curry

In this first episode of Learning Labs, we discuss how to how to learn R fast, and give you a 30-minute playbook for success with 3 Key Strategies.

The Problem: Data Science Education is bad. There are a million people saying a million different things. Most “data scientists” doing the talking have no experience in the real world. Most programs are ineffective. This makes learning data science a struggle. The sad fact is that most learners don’t succeed.

The Solution: We understand the issue. We’ve studied it over the course of a year designing and devloping trainings and workshops. In this Business Science Learning Lab we give you 3 strategies to Learn R Fast.


We had 115 attendees on the LIVE recording. For those that weren’t able to make it, subscribe to Learning Labs for the next episode.

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Slide Deck

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Playbook for Success:

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We want to help you go from Data Scientist Level 0 (Complete Beginner) to 10 (Advanced), accelerating your career in the process.