tidyquant v1.0.0: Pivot Tables, VLOOKUPs in R

Written by Matt Dancho

I’m pleased to announce the release of tidyquant version 1.0.0 that includes Excel in R (Pivot Tables, VLOOKUPs, Sum-Ifs, and 100+ Excel Functions). I’ve also integrated the FREE Tiingo API via riingo. There are a ton of new features that are covered in my ‘R for Excel Users Tutorial’ on Business Science.

Highlights: tidyquant 1.0.0

This is a major release that includes new features including:

Pivot Tables in R


Summarizing “IFS” Functions

100 + New Excel Functions

NEW API Integrations (Implementation scheduled for March)

Attend Learning Lab 30 (Register Here for Free) for a real business example where I showcase Shiny and tidyquant together. You’ll see how the new tidyquant features streamline development of Financial and Business Shiny Apps.

Experience Shiny + tidyquant
Financial Modeling App with Shiny & tidyquant

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Lab 30 - Shiny + Tidyquant starts in...