NEW BOOK - The Shiny Production with AWS Book

Written by Matt Dancho

It's the new year. Moving into 2020, I'd like to introduce you to the BRAND NEW Shiny Production with AWS Book. This book details the enterprise-grade process for deploying, hosting, and maintaining Shiny web applications using AWS, Docker, and Git. It contains 24 Chapters covering the entire deployment process!

Articles in Series

  1. Part 1 - Five Full-Stack Data Science Technologies for 2020 (and Beyond)
  2. Part 2 - AWS Cloud
  3. Part 3 - Docker
  4. Part 4 - Git Version Control
  5. Part 5 - H2O Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  6. Part 6 - R Shiny vs Tableau (3 Business Application Examples)
  7. [NEW BOOK] - The Shiny Production with AWS Book (You Are Here)

Businesses need applications to run

My prognostication for 2020 and beyond is simple - Businesses need apps to run.

As business demands for apps has accelerated, this shift has driven a massive increase in demand in technologies for deploying applications. According to Indeed’s Hiring Lab, the 5-year demand for app and cloud technologies has skyrocketed:

This growing technology demand is proof that businesses need apps in a bad way. Learn how to deploy applications, and your career will accelerate. Not to mention the massive benefit to your organization.

Problem: No one teaches Data Scientists how to deploy apps

Traditionally, production tasks were performed by Developer Operations (DevOps). The problem with this approach is that 99% of applications are low-to-moderate usage. Involving DevOps in deploying low-usage data science apps takes them away from deploying and maintaining critical applications (super-high usage, customer-facing, mission-critical). Further, it slows down your organizations productivity - getting new apps out becomes a bottleneck.

Production Bottleneck

Production - Deployment Becomes the Bottleneck

The problem is that no one teaches Data Scientists how to deploy applications. Data Scientists become stuck at the Last Mile - The series of tasks related to getting your app from your computer to the cloud or your organizations server.

In 2020 and beyond, Data Scienctists need to meet the accelerating demands of the business This is a new challenge. To meet accelerating demands of the business, these “Last Mile” tasks are ones that Data Scientists can do and must learn how to do to fast-track the organization’s ability to produce, deliver, and use data-driven applications with low-to-moderate usage (99% of business apps).

Solution: Shiny Production with AWS Book and Course

The goal of the Shiny Production with AWS Book is to detail the “Last Mile” - A set of tasks required to deploy Full-Stack Shiny Applications into Production.

Software Deployment Workflow

Software Deployment Workflow

The Book Does Not Teach Development
See the Shiny Developer with AWS Course for Develoment and Deployment

I do not teach shiny development in this book. Only application deployment. To fully replicate the materials in the book, you will need to take the Shiny Developer with AWS Course to develop:

  1. The Full Stack Stock Analyzer application with Shiny, Bootstrap, and MongoDB, and
  2. The Application Library containing full-text search and app tagging capabilities.

My recommendation:

Take the Shiny Developer with AWS Course if you need to learn every detail of becoming a Shiny Developer with AWS. Or better yet, take the NEW 4-Course R-Track System to go from beginner to expert in 6-months or less.

Stock Analyzer Application

A full-stack web application that uses MongoDB for storing and managing user data (roles, passwords, and settings). The application enables users to store information on their favorites stocks using the tidyquant API. The application is built with Shiny and hosted on EC2. Make this app.

Stock Analyzer - Application Architecture

Stock Analyzer - Full-Stack Data Science App
Make this App

Application Library

A meta-application that is stored at the base URL to help users navigate to applications. The Application Library includes functionality for Full Text Search and selecting applications by Tags, making it easy to find the apps your users need. Make this app.

Application Architecture

Application Library - Full-Text Search for Finding Apps
Make this App

Where the book picks up

This book covers that last mile: Production. You will learn proven strategies for deploying enterprise shiny applications. This guide follows the “Part 4 - Production with AWS” portion of my Shiny Developer with AWS Course.

Learn Shiny App Development and Deployment

If you are ready to learn how to develop and deploy Shiny Applications in the cloud using AWS, then I recommend my NEW 4-Course R-Track System. This system of premium courses is designed to take you from beginner to expert within 6-months.

I look forward to providing you the best data science for business education.

Matt Dancho

Founder, Business Science

Lead Data Science Instructor, Business Science University