Building APIs with plumber - New Learning Lab 1-Hour Course

Written by Matt Dancho

We’ve just added a new course to our Learning Labs PRO service: Building API’s with plumber and Postman. You learn how to build API’s from 2 Real World examples:

  1. Stock Portfolio Optimization - Create an API that optimizes a basket of stocks into an optimal portfolio.

  2. FIFA 2019 Player Values - Create an API that predicts football (soccer) player values based on age, nationality, and FIFA ranking.

Plumber API Course - You Create This Optimized Portfolio API

You create an API using plumber and Postman that solves a real-world problem: Stock Optimization! This API handles a POST request with JSON format stocks. Add any number of stocks, and the output optimizes the portfolio by the combination that yields the best Sharpe Ratio. Go PRO to get the Code & Video!

Stock Portfolio Optimization in Plumber

Create an API that Optimizes a Portfolio in this Learning Lab 1-Hour Course

Plumber API Course - You Predict FIFA Player Values

You build an API to predict FIFA Football (Soccer) Player rankings! It pays to be an Italian football player with an overall FIFA ranking of 70. Not a bad market value. Go PRO to get the Code & Video!

Stock Portfolio Optimization in Plumber

Create an API that Calculates Football Player Values in this Learning Lab 1-Hour Course

Course Contents

Here’s the course structure and agenda. We pack a TON OF CONTENT into 1.25 hours. You learn plumber and Postman fast, and it’s super-effective!

Stock Portfolio Optimization in Plumber

Your Path to Learning API's that can Power Mobile Apps and More!

Table of Contents

  • Agenda - 5:34
  • Production - 7:52
  • Stock Application Demo - 10:25
  • What is an API? - 13:32
  • What is Plumber? - 21:30
  • Code Demo - 35:59
    • Example 1 - Basic Plumber (Hello World) - 36:12
    • Example 2 - Stock Portfolio Optimization - 48:02
      • Debugging with browser() - 55:09
    • Example 3 - FIFA 2019 Player Values - 1:00:05
  • Path to Production - 1:07:55
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