tidyquant: R/Finance 2017 Presentation

Written by Matt Dancho

The R/Finance 2017 conference was just held at the UIC in Chicago, and the event was a huge success. There were a ton of high quality presentations really showcasing innovation in finance. We gave a presentation on tidyquant illustrating the key benefits related to financial analysis in the tidyverse. We’ve uploaded the tidyquant presentation to YouTube. Check out the presentation. Don’t forget to check out our announcements and to follow us on social media to stay up on the latest Business Science news, events and information!

R/Finance 2017 Presentation

If you’re interested in financial analysis, check out our short 6 minute presentation from R/Finance 2017 that discusses the tidyquant package benefits. The discussion touches on the current state of financial analysis, answers the question “Why tidyquant?”, discusses the core tq functions along with tq benefits including financial data science at scale.

Download Presentation on GitHub

The slide deck from the R/Finance 2017 presentation can be downloaded from the Business Science GitHub site.

RFinance Presentation

Download the R/Finance 2017 Presentation Slides!

Upcoming Events

If you’re interested in meeting the members of Business Science, we’ll be speaking at EARL San Francisco conference, June 5-7. We have an expanded presentation that covers:

We can’t wait! The presentation will unveil some really cool capabilities especially for timekit time series machine learning that are advantages over existing forecasting packages.

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