If you haven’t heard of RMarkdown, it’s an amazing tool for developing reports using a statistical programming language called R.

How did learning RMarkdown accelerate my career?

True Story - When I learned RMarkdown, my career took off because I was able to communicate data science to my boss in a format that was consistent with what he expected (PDFs). With RMarkdown, my reports also included analytical insights that only I was able to provide (using machine learning).

In this Learning Lab, we unveil our latest educational creation - a Product Price Prediction App!

It uses product data from a company’s product portfolio to predict new products. This enables R&D and Marketing teams to visualize portfolio gaps and determine unit pricing consistent with other products!


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Data Science for Business Curriculum

Business Science University is an educational platform that teaches how to apply data science to business. Our offering includes of a fully integrated, project-based 3-Course R-Track.

BSU R-Track Course Curriculum

Each course takes the student through their progression in a data science journey. Begin your journey with DS4B 101-R which teaches foundations using the tidyverse. Next, master machine learning for business with DS4B 201-R, where you learn H2O and many advanced R packages. Finish with DS4B 301-R where you learn to develop high-performing web applications using Shiny, a powerful framework for productionizing R code.

R-Track Curriculum Summary

Business Analysis with R (Beginner) - Data Science Foundations 7-Week course 12 tidyverse Packages 2 business projects
Data Science For Business with R (Intermediate/Advanced) - Machine Learning + Business Consulting 10-Week course H2O, LIME, recipes, and 10 more packages 1 end-to-end business project
Web Apps for Business with Shiny (Advanced) - Web Frameworks (Bootstrap, HTML/CSS) and Shiny 6-Week course Shiny, shinytest, shinyloadtest, profvis, and more! Take machine learning model into production

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