Full Feature Engineering Tutorial with Max Kuhn

Written by Matt Dancho

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Max Kuhn (the Tidymodels Master) joins Learning Labs webinar for an in-depth tutorial on Feature Engineering for Customer Analytics. Watch Max and Matt tackle a tough feature engineering problem for customer analytics prediction.

Learn about Customer Analytics & Tidymodels! In this 1.5-hour video, learn:

βœ… Interview with Max Kuhn - The Tidymodels MASTER! (30-min)

βœ… Business Problem: Feature Engineering for Customer Analytics Prediction

βœ… FULL Feature Engineering Tutorial (45-min, 350 Lines of Code)

βœ… Learning Recommendations to skyrocket your career

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Video Is Packed With Info

  • Interview with Max Kuhn - The Tidymodels MASTER!!!
    • How would you describe Tidymodels to a 5-year Old?
    • What’s the Difference between Tidymodels & MLR/Caret/Scikit Learn? ​
    • Feature Engineering (Max wrote the book on it!)
  • Business Problem - Customer Analytics Feature Engineering
    • We’re working for Itunes (Online Music Store)
    • Which Customers are Related? Which are likely to Re-Purchase within 90-Days?
    • Customer Explorer Shiny App - UMAP Customer Segmentation Tool
  • R-Code Feature Engineering Tutorial
    • Project Setup -
    • Part A - DATABASE WRANGLING (11 Tables)
    • Part B - FEATURE ENGINEERING (invoice lines, invoices, & customers tables)
    • Part C - MODELING (Customer Repurchase Probability)
    • BONUS: Shiny App, Conclusions & Learning Path
  • Learning Recommendations

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