Google Trends Email Automation with Shiny

Written by Matt Dancho

Google Trends is a FREE tool to gain insights about Google Search Terms your organization cares about. What if you could streamline the process of analyzing keyword search trends and emailing a PDF report in 3-4 seconds? Learn how to do just that.

I’ve just opened up a FREE 1-Hour YouTube Course. This is a FREE VERSION of the full 1-Hour Course of Learning Lab 27. You learn to use R Shiny, Gmail API, and Google Trends API to streamline a Google Trends Analysis and Email Workflow using a Shiny Web App.

Watch Now - Google Trends Email Automation with Shiny Tutorial - Learning Lab 27 (Free Sample Course)

Table of Contents

  • Agenda - 4:03
  • Shiny App Demo - Google Trends Email App - 5:38
  • Google Trends Discussion - 9:32
  • Why Automate? My Automation Story - 12:34
  • Automation Workflow - 20:56
  • Code Tutorial - 23:06
    • Directory Setup - 23:17
    • Google Trends Analysis - 25:01
    • GTrends Report Template - 35:26
    • Gmail Automation - 38:56
    • LL PRO BONUS - Shiny App - 49:03
  • 3 Pro-Tips - How to Automate like a Boss! - 53:33
  • Special Offer - 4-Course R-Track Bundle - Promo Code: learninglabs - 57:16

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