2 Critical Factors to Learn Data Science

Written by Matt Dancho

In a world where you have Limited Time and Endless Options, what are the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS that contribute to a successful Data Science Transformation?

Your Transformation Has 2 Things Going Against It

We have limited time and endless options. Limited time is a bad thing. Endless options is also a bad thing. Here’s why.

Limited Time

The longer you take to learn something, the less impact you have on your organization, and the less potential to grow in your career.

You need to learn high-impact, value-adding tools quickly. Further, you don’t just need to learn them. You need to learn how to APPLY THE TOOLS.

Endless Options

At first glance, this seems like a good thing. We have options - Yay!

But it’s actually a bad thing. Here’s why.

Say you walk into an Ice Cream shop, and on the wall they have 25 flavors and 10 toppings. You get to pick 1 Flavor and 2 Toppings.

Endless data science learning options


It would take a normal person hours to contemplate each combination and decide a path forward. This is a problem - and we’re just talking ice cream cones.

Now, factor in something as important as Data Science Education, and you can see that endless options is a bad thing.

What Can You Do To Ensure Success?

1. Pick a program that focuses on applying data science to business applications.

This means a program that connects data science to the business using systems, frameworks, cheat sheets, and resources that are REPEATABLE. (You need to be able to repeat what you learn).

2. Pick a program that shows you how to learn fast.

This means a program that doesn’t teach you everything, but rather teaches you the 20% of things that will solve 80% of your business applications.

Which Data Science Program Should You Choose?

This graphic weights Data Science Education Programs on the 2 most important metrics that are critical to your data science transformation:

  1. The Way the Program Connects Data Science To Business Applications

  2. How Quickly the Program Gets You Applying Data Science To Real Business Problems

Business Science differentiator

It turns out that I designed Business Science to excel in these 2 CRITICAL metrics. Here’s the Combined Score:

  • Business Science = 20
  • Coursera = 10
  • DataCamp = 5

My Struggle

I saw a gap in data science education while I was learning. I struggled using the available programs. I tried Coursera, I tried Udemy, …

Nothing Worked

I began developing an R package called tidyquant, and it was through this project where I learned more than any course I ever took.

Applying The Tools Through A Project Worked!

I exponentially increased my learning through 1 project because I had to apply and integrate 15+ data science tools.

Overnight, I was able to build my skills and learn data science.

I Built A System For You That Improves The Project-Based Learning Approach

The Project-Based Learning Approach was key, but there were several other factors that helped to:

80/20 Tools

Don’t teach everything, teach what I really use. Teach what gets results 80% of the time (or more).


Provide a way to connect you to me and others. You will have questions. Having access to the instructor and others in the course when you get stuck is critical.

Repeatable Methods

Process trumps all, when you leave the course you better have a repeatable methodology that you can implement

Does This Feel Like You?

Did you answer yes to any of these?

  1. You are busy and need to learn fast

  2. You’ve tried everything

  3. You feel like nothing works

If you’ve answered yes to ANY of these, then Business Science is for you.

What Results Can You Expect?

Here are examples of what REAL STUDENTS are experiencing:

Learning data science success story

“I think such a message [from his executive leadership] reflects… the strong power of the 80/20 rule.”

-Michael Lambe

Learning data science success story

Business Science Was Made For You

I was in the same spot as you. I understand the sacrifice in time and the disappointment when education you invest in doesn’t get you results.

I’m here to help, and I want you in my program because it will help. When you join, I will do everything in my power to ensure your success.

Data Science can be learned no matter what stage you are in.

How To Get Started?

Join the 101 + 201 Courses and get the same results as both Deepsha and Michael.

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Start Your Transformation

I look forward to having you in my courses. I will do everything I can to help you along your journey!

-Matt Dancho, Founder of Business Science