Course Launch: Generative AI for Data Scientists in 11 Days!

Written by Matt Dancho

Hey guys, I have a special announcement. I’m gearing up for the launch of my new course: Generative AI for Data Scientists! In just 11 days, my new course will be live. Here’s everything you need to know.

Table of Contents

  • Course Launch Event: Our insane launch event where we share tons of research and open up the course

  • 4-Minute Video: Building an AI Business Intelligence Copilot: Get a sneak peek at one of the course projects

  • Why learn Generative AI if you’re a Data Professional? This is what I’ve discovered about AI.

  • Bonus: How to get my Python AI Cheat Sheet for free.

  • Next Steps: How to attend the live event for free.

Special Announcement: Generative AI Course Launch on May 30th

Inside the live launch event, I’ll share 6 months of research on AI, LLMs, and where it fits for Data Scientists who want to accelerate their careers.

Generative AI for Data Scientists

What: Generative AI for Data Scientists Course Launch Event

When: Thursday May 30th, 2pm EST

How It Will Help You: Whether you are new to data science or are an expert, AI is changing the game. There’s a ton of hype. But how can AI actually help you become a better data scientist and help you avoid layoffs and stand out in your career? I’ll show you inside my live course launch event.

How To Join The Launch Event: 👉 Register Here

4-Minute Video: Building an AI Business Intelligence Copilot 👇

Watch this 4-minute video to get a sneak peek at 1 of the projects from the course launch event. 👇

Why should you learn Generative AI if your a data professional?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working with Python, Generative AI, and LLMs daily. And on May 30th, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned. 👇👇👇

The demand for AI talent is skyrocketing.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the typical AI engineer at OpenAI makes $925,000 a year.

That’s almost a million dollars. And it’s 3X the industry median for software engineers. Here’s why this is happening everywhere (and how you can be part of the great AI shift).

AI is changing the way businesses work, people get information, and processes happen. And the people who can build AI have unlimited career potential.

New Role: The AI Business Scientist

While AI is replacing some jobs, it’s creating a new role: the AI Business Scientist.

And that’s why I’m excited to announce a new course is coming to my Business Science portfolio.

I’m showcasing how to take your data science skills to become the AI expert for your organization…

… using Python’s strengths:

  • 💥 OpenAI
  • 💥 LangChain
  • 💥 Streamlit
  • 💥 Scikit Learn
  • 💥 H2O
  • 💥 FastAPI

Python AI Logos

Complete 4 AI Projects

This course is like no other where I will teach you how to complete 4 AI projects that progressively build your AI and LLM skills:

👉 Project 1: A custom streamlit web app to make summary PDF business reports from 100’s of pages of call transcripts

AI course Fast Track Project

👉 Project 2: An AI-powered Marketing Strategy Assistant trained from a Marketing Strategy knowledge database (RAG Project)

AI Course: RAG Project

👉 Project 3: A Customer Analytics AI Agent that combines Machine Learning, SQL Database, and Pandas skills and reports visualizations and tables based on your questions

Business Intelligence Agent

👉 Project 4: A Multi-Agent App with a Supervisor Bot that controls your AI Marketing and BI bots

Supervisor Bot

Exactly what companies have told me they need.

Bonus: Python AI Cheat Sheet

To combat the “AI Ecosystem is Growing Fast” Problem, I spent a full day upgrading my Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet. It has a new 3rd page “Generative AI and LLMs”. Those who attend the course launch event will get it for free!

New Python AI Cheat Sheet

Next Step: Join me on May 30th

If you are ready to take the leap in your career, then join me and 3,500+ data scientists that have registered for my AI course waitlist + live launch event.

The Live Launch Event takes place Thursday, May 30th at 2pm EST.

There are a ton of new goodies I’m giving away and you’ll learn a ton about the Python AI & LLM ecosystem in the training.

Course Waitlist + Live Event Registration 👇

See you Thursday, May 30th at 2PM EST!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Data Scientist,

– Matt Dancho

Generative AI for Data Scientists

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