New Learning Lab 1-Hour Course - Build A Strategic Database With Web Scraping

Written by Matt Dancho

We have just released a NEW Learning Lab “1-Hour Course” - Build a Strategic Database with Web Scraping - Through Learning Labs PRO (Limited Time 15% OFF DISCOUNT HERE). Learn how to implement web-scraping to give your organization a Competitive Advantage.

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What are Learning Labs PRO “1-Hour Courses”?

High-impact, super-efficient courses that teach you exactly what you need to know with the 80/20 Rule in full effect!

“1-Hour Course” on Web Scraping Product Data & Building A Strategic Database

Interested in learning web-scraping? Want to know how to generate business value by creating a strategic database of competitor products and pricing information?

Then our new Learning Labs “1-Hour Course” - Build a Strategic Database with Web Scraping - is just what you need.

Let’s check out what’s inside.

What’s Inside?

The “1-Hour Course” agenda encompasses a crystal clear path to teach you exactly what you need to know about web-scraping and FAST!

Web Scraping - Course Agenda

Course Agenda - What You Learn - FAST

Here’s what you get in 1-hour (fast and effective)

  • Why Web Scrape? Business Case - 5:39

  • HTML Hacking Primer - 8:50

  • Code Tutorial:

    • 1.0 Libraries - 20:17
    • 2.0 Collect Product Families - 22:01
    • 3.0 Web Scrape Product Family Page - 28:23
    • 4.0 Web Scrape Bike Information - 36:59
    • 5.0 Post Processing - 48:29
  • Skills Needed // Available Tools - 54:13

Begin Learning for $16/Month (Limited Time Offer)

First, you start off with the Business Case

Business Case - Analyzing Competitor Products is a Competitive Advantage

The first question we need to ask ourself is, “Why web-scrape?”.


Web-Scraping is a Competitive Advantage.

The web is full of free and valuable data. Many companies put their product information out there to attract customers and sell products. Few companies implement programs to actively retrieve and analyze competitor data. Companies that implement web-scraping programs have a Competitive Advantage over those that don’t.

Here’s an example of Cannondale Bicycles (Matt’s favorite bike manufacturer!).

Cannondale Bicycles Product Pages

Product Data - Free and Valuable Information

Every manufacturer in the “High-End Bicycle Space” has product pages like these that can be webscraped.

Guess what?

In this Learning Labs “1-Hour Course”, you learn how to web-scrape 248 bicycles from Cannondale to put into a strategic database with competitor product data that looks like this.

Strategic Database of Competition

You Create This - Strategic Database with Competitor Product Data

Now that you understand the importance of a strategic competitor database, we efficiently step through the information you need to know to do it by giving you a HTML Hacking Primer

HTML Hacking Primer

You will learn the 2 Steps to scraping websites.

Step 1: Determine URL and Website Structure

First, you learn how to determine the URL and Website Structure.

HTML Hacking Primer - Step 1

Step 1 - Learn How To Investigate URL & Website Structure

Step 2: Web-Scrape Key Information Using HTML

Second, you learn how to scrape key information using HTML tags and attributes.

HTML Hacking Primer - Step 2

Step 2 - Learn How To Scrape Key Data using HTML Tags and Attributes

You learn:

  • Google Inspector - A key tool every data scientist needs to know to explore web pages and build web apps
  • rvest - An R Package for web scraping

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to put the tools to work in a 45-Minute Code Tutorial

45-Minute Code Tutorial

This code tutorial will blow your mind. You will leave learning exactly what you need to do to replicate a competitor product webscrape for your organization. Tools used:

  • Web Scraping with rvest
  • Data Manipulation with dplyr
  • Text manipulation with stringr
  • Iteration with purrr
  • Parallelization with furrr

Course Web Scraping Code

45-Minute Web-Scraping Tutorial in R using rvest

Begin Learning for $16/Month (Limited Time Offer)

If that wasn’t enough, we leave you with more tools to explore…

The Web-Scraping Ecosystem

We leave you with a challenge - analyzing Specialized Bicycles and give you some more tools that you can explore to become a Web-Scraping Rockstar!

Web Scraping Ecosystem

Web Scraping Ecosystem - More Tools!

Begin Learning for $16/Month (Limited Time Offer)

Still unconvinced? We get it. Business Science could be making all this up.

This is why you should listen to our students (instead of us)…

Don’t Trust Us - Trust Our Students

On the fence about Learning Labs PRO? We just received this feedback yesterday.

Student Feedback - Web Scraping

Student Feedback - Web Scraping Course

We love hearing student feedback like this!

OK, let’s quickly recap.

60-Second Summary

Learning Labs PRO

Inside Learning Labs PRO

  • When you sign up for Learning Labs PRO, you gain access to all of the courses plus every new course we release (typically 2 released per month).

Begin Learning for $16/Month (Limited Time Offer)

One final piece of information - Frequenly asked questions (FAQs)


What is the difference between Learning Labs PRO and Business Science University Courses?

Great question. Here’s the difference:

BSU and Learning Labs PRO Comparison

Product Comparison - BSU Program and Learning Labs PRO

Business Science University Courses and Programs
  • Build Core Skills - The foundational skills that every data scientist needs to know including Machine Learning, Data Manipulation, Visualization, Reporting, Advanced Skills (H2O, LIME), and Web Application Development.

  • Strategic - You learn through integrated problem-solving systems (frameworks) and project-driven courses where the focus is on application rather than learning tools. The tools integrate to help you in your problem-solving process.

  • Long Format - Foundational skills cannot be taught effectively in short courses. Rather students need projects that focus on real world problems where they code along with the instructor. This approach is highly effective.

Learning Labs PRO “1-Hour Courses”
  • Target Key Skills - These are mission-critical topics every data scientist needs to know like web-scraping, big data, setting up API’s, project management, and more!

  • Tactical - You learn using the 80/20 approach. You learn only what you need to know to get up and running AS. FAST. AS. POSSIBLE.

  • Light-Weight - These are meant to be consumed quickly so you can apply your skills immediately!

Should I Enroll In BSU Courses AND Learning Labs PRO?

YES!!! BSU Courses and Learning Labs PRO are meant to be taken together.

You get FOUNDATIONS (through BSU Courses) and KEY SKILLS (through Learning Labs PRO). This way you become a well-rounded Data Scientist. Not just a Machine Learning Specialist (that can’t manipulate data or create visualizations).

Learn both fundamentals and key skills by enrolling in both. We make it simple with this limited time offer.

Program Summary

What If I Have Questions and Need Guidance?

We operate our Community-Driven Slack Channel. You gain access to Matt (Course Instructor) and other like-minded students and data scientists that you can network with.

Community-Driven Slack Channel

Community-Driven Slack Channel

Ok, it should be obvious by now…

Start learning today!

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