Learn How to Write SQL From R

Written by Matt Dancho

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SQL queries getting you down 😰? Let R write SQL queries for you!

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Writing SQL from R

We’re going to generate SQL from R using 3 key packages:

  • DBI - For connecting to & working with databases
  • RSQLite - For working with the SQLite-variety of database
  • tidyverse - Gives us dbplyr - the database-backened to dplyr - FOR FREE!! OMG!

Step 1: Connect to database
Use DBI to make a connection

DBI has the dbConnect() function. Let’s use this to establish a connection with our SQL database.

Examine the connection. You should see a connection object has been created and the SQL database has one table named “MPG”.

Step 2: Write Dplyr, Generate SQL
Use the dbplyr backend to auto-magically create SQL for us.

DBI has the show_query() function we can use to generate SQL…

…and here’s the result!

Friendly Reminders:
1. Full code in the Github Repository.
2. Watch the YouTube Video for detailed instructions.
3. Share with your friends. (Don't be a hog).

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