How To Get My Company To Pay For My Data Science Courses

Written by Matt Dancho

Interested in getting your job to pay for a course, but not sure how to ask?

Managers have two high priorities, one is showing their boss results and the second is getting productivity from their team. Itโ€™s a productivity-to-results cycle.

When you ask your manager to pay an expense, they want to know the benefits: how can it save time, save money, improve teamwork, improve productivity, and most importantly improve results.

Sell your manager on a data science course purchase

One of our data science students provided tips from their experience:

"When pitching this to management for budget approval, pitch the relevancy to current/future work. I used the course learning objective bullet points and tied them to existing projects, and projects we have planned for next year. This makes the "sell" much easier."

The best way to sell your manager is to explicitly communicate how the course benefits are relevant to your work.

Reimbursement letter

Weโ€™ve made it easy for you!

Below is a template you can use to submit a course reimbursement to your manager. Modify the template according to your course preferences and relevancy to your work projects.

Dear [Manager Name],

I would like to enroll in Business Science, a data science learning platform that focuses on business applications and results.

The curriculum is unlike typical courses โ€“ the entire program is business-focused and integrated to deliver results from day 1. Business Science has trained over 3000 data scientists and practitioners. The entire program is integrated, being taught by the same instructor that has 10+ years of business analytics and data science consulting experience, has written a number of software libraries (modeltime, timetk, tidyquant 1,000,000 downloads), and is an active data science consultant working with firms including S&P Global Market Intelligence and MRM McCann.

These skills would be beneficial to our team as we are [add in current projects/initiatives youโ€™re embarking on]. Some courses that Iโ€™m interested in attending are:

  • Business Analysis with R (Beginner)
  • Data Science for Business (Advanced)
  • High-Performance Time Series Forecasting (Advanced)
  • Shiny Web Applications (Intermediate)
  • Expert Shiny Developer (Advanced)

The curriculum features:

  • Five core courses that streamline the learning process while focusing on generating an immediate impact.
  • Each course has certification upon completion.
  • The courses are integrated to progressively build my skills and accelerate my development.

The following is a sampling of companies that trust Business Science to train their team: Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, S&P Global, MRM McCann, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Walmart, and more.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for considering my request.


[Your Name]

PDF Brochure

For Managers that would like more information on our innovative R-Track, weโ€™ve created a short PDF Brochure of the R-Track Data Science for Business Program.


  • When pitching this to leadership for budget approval, pitch the relevancy to current/future work.
  • Use the Email Reimbursement Letter Template to help with the intial conversation
  • If more information is desired, provide the PDF Brochure.