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Hello, and welcome to the Business Science Community! My name is Matt, and it's an honor to have you in our community.

The Business Science Community is focused on helping you learn data science for business. We do this in a number of ways. Here's how we help!

Getting Started with Free Education

  1.   Data Science Fundamentals Newsletter

    This is our newsletter you will receive every Tuesday with tips, advice, tutorials, resources and more to help you learn the foundations of data science and machine learning.

  2.   Learning Labs

    These are live webinars we hold 1X to 2X per month on important topics in data science like time series forecasting, taking web applications to production, and more! We'll notify you a week in advance, and you can register for the event.

  3.   Learning Hub & Blog Articles

    We have hundreds of articles on our website. The Learning Hub partitions the best-performing articles into segments like Time Series, Marketing, Finance, and more! All of the Blog Articles are available as well.

  4.   Cheat Sheets

    We offer several of the best cheat sheets including the Ultimate R Cheat Sheet (taught in our 101-R course), Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet, Business Science Problem Framework (taught in our 201-R course), and more!

Accelerate Your Career with Data Science For Business Education

  1.   Business Science University

    We operate Business Science University, an advanced education system that is focused on teaching students applied data science in business and how to build production-ready machine learning-powered web applications in a span of 5 months or less.

  2.   ML-Powered Web App Gallery

    These are ML-powered web applications that you build in our courses. When you complete the entire system, you learn foundations, advanced machine learning, and application development that generate business value. This is how your career accelerates!

    Product Price Prediction App

I look forward to being part of your data science journey. Happy learning!


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Matt Dancho
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