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The most advanced curriculum in applied machine learning for business.

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Business Science University is different. We have re-imagined data science education using our real-world, practical experience and compressed it into an integrated system that accelerates your career in 6-months or less.

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Color Key: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Do Projects and Climb the Hill

Do Projects

Take the 101 & 201 Courses to build your data science skills, starting with foundations and climbing to advanced machine learning + business consulting.


Build Web Applications

Build Apps

Take the 102 & 202 Courses to build machine learning-powered web applications that can be distributed accross the organization to scale data-driven decision-making.


Communicate with Data Products

Continue To Learn

Join Learning Labs PRO to get short 1-Hour Courses every 2-weeks to keep you learning critical topics beyond the core curriculum.

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4-Course -Track for Business

5-10 Hours/Week | Lifetime Access | Perfect for Working Professionals

Each course has it's own 2-minute overview. Find out what's inside.

Color Key: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Business Analysis With R

Data Science Foundations

Learn data science foundations with 10+ tidyverse packages in one integrated course.

Data Science For Business With R

Machine Learning & Business Consulting

Learn H2O, recipes, lime, while you follow a real-world consulting-style business project.

R Shiny Web Apps for Business

Predictive Dashboards

Learn Shiny for building machine learning-powered web applications that are production-ready.

Expert Shiny Developer with AWS

Advanced Web Application Development

Build Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.

Learning never ends.
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Learning Labs PRO

2 Courses/Month on Advanced Topics | Membership Program | Perfect for Continuous Learning

Learning Lab 27
Google Trends Automation with Gmail & R Shiny

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