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Business Science University is different. We have re-imagined data science education using our integrated learning system that smashes through learning plateaus and accelerates your career 12-to-18 months faster than other programs.

Tired of not advancing?
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How we help

Our students have tried everything. Learning from many different educational platforms, MOOCs, and traditional universities...

The problem

After months of learning with other programs, they still can't apply data science to business. Progress has stopped. They are stuck with no end in sight.

And, they are angry. 😡

I know because I've been there.

The solution

When students come to us, they want to know why we are different. There are two reasons.

First, we get results. If you haven't seen our student transformations, then check them out.

Second, we do this by breaking through learning plateaus. Here's how our integrated system works.

Two programs, one result.
Rapid transformation.

How it works

The integrated system works by smashing through learning plateaus.

Color Key: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Integrated course system designed for
rapid transformation to an elite data scientist.


Do Projects and Climb the Hill

Do Projects

Project-based courses build your data science skills, starting with foundations and climbing to advanced machine learning, business consulting, & time series forecasting.


Build Web Applications

Build Apps

Application courses teach you how to productionalize data science in a form that can be distributed across the organization to scale data-driven decision-making.

Learning Labs PRO

Membership program designed to stay ahead of advancing technology.


Communicate with Data Products

Learn New Technologies

Continuously learn and stay ahead of advancing technologies by getting focused 1-hour learning labs twice per month.

-Track for Business
Your path for rapid transformation.

-Track for Business

5-10 Hours/Week | Lifetime Access | Perfect for Working Professionals

Break through learning plateaus

When you unlock the R-Track, be prepared for accelerated learning. The courses are designed to break through learning plateaus by building on each other in rapid succession. We do this by using an innovative learning approach of jumpstarting, then explaining, then jumpstarting... repeating this cycle to rapidly complete business projects.

The result

You learn 12-to-18 months faster than traditional programs.

Start your journey

Start your journey towards becoming an elite data scientist today.

What's inside the R-Track?
Each course has a 2-minute overview.

Color Key: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

NEW High-Performance Time Series

R-Track | Step 3

Learn state-of-the-art forecasting using modeltime, timetk, and GluonTS machine learning.

R for Business Analysis

R-Track | Step 1

Learn data science foundations with 10+ tidyverse packages in one integrated course.

Data Science For Business With R

R-Track | Step 2

Learn H2O, recipes, lime, while you follow a real-world consulting-style business project.

Shiny Predictive Dashboards

R-Track | Step 4

Learn Shiny for building machine learning-powered web applications that are production-ready.

Shiny Developer with AWS

R-Track | Step 5

Build Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.

Learning Labs PRO
Technology is rapidly changing.
Get ahead.

Learning Labs PRO

Twice Per Month | Intermediate Topics | Membership Program

Get ahead of changing data science technology

Technology changes fast, and you need to keep learning to get ahead. That's exactly what LL PRO does.

Upon enrollment in Learning Labs PRO, you gain access to all Learning Labs and every new lab that is released generally twice per month. Labs come jammed packed with video, code, valuable bonuses (often shiny apps), and additional resources to keep you learning.

Start Learning Labs PRO today.

What are Learning Labs Like?
Here's a sample learning lab.

Learning Lab 28
Build a Shiny Real Estate App with Zillow API

Become a 6-Figure Data Scientist

We've helped thousands of students become 6-figure data scientists.

Make 6-figures. Launch your career. And become a Data Scientist!

Start Your Classes Now! 👉

Become a 6-Figure Data Scientist

We've helped thousands of students become 6-figure data scientists.

Make 6-figures. Launch your career. And become a Data Scientist!

Start Your Classes Now! 👉