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Launch a 6-Figure Career WITHOUT spending years learning data science.

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"Because of all the R courses Matt Dancho has provided, I landed my first Data Scientist role at a Global Energy Company."
-Chris S.

"Matt's instruction turned me into a more advanced data scientist and helped me find a new career opportunity."
- Masatake H.

"After your entry into my life, I got a 10% pay raise and then after another 6-months of 26%, and in just another 2-months a 40% hike. I can grab a job wherever I want."
- Mohana C.

What's inside the
5-Course R-Track?

Expert data science instructor, Matt Dancho, shows you how to go from zero-experience to a full-time data scientist step-by-step. In our streamlined 5-course system, you'll learn everything you need to succeed in data science.

5-Course R-Track System

The 5-Course R-Track is like completing years of university education but actually getting skills that organizations need right now (no fluff) and you can apply your new skills immediately as you make progress in the courses.

5-Course R-Track

Let's meet the courses.

Each course gets you one step closer to becoming a data scientist.

R for Business Analysis

R-Track | Step 1

Learn data science foundations with 10+ tidyverse packages in one integrated course.

Advanced Machine Learning

R-Track | Step 2

Learn H2O, recipes, lime, while you follow a real-world consulting-style business project.

Time Series Forecasting

R-Track | Step 3

Learn state-of-the-art forecasting using modeltime, timetk, and GluonTS machine learning.

Shiny Predictive Dashboards

R-Track | Step 4

Learn Shiny for building machine learning-powered web applications that are production-ready.

Shiny Developer with AWS

R-Track | Step 5

Build and Deploy Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.

What do our 2000+ Members say?

Chris landed a Data Science Job!

"Because of the R-Track Courses, I landed my first Data Scientist role at a global energy company."

Chris Selig Testimonial

Nick is applying his new skills at work.

"I picked up quite a few new things that I've been applying at work."

Nick Vasile Testimonial

Janio says, "The best part is access to the instructor, Matt Dancho"

"The most important advantage is the access you have to the instructor, and how fast Matt Dancho replies whenever one of his students needs help."

Janio Testimonial

Luiciano was recognized by management for his Shiny App!

"I was able to take results from a real project and bring a Shiny App to my bosses in an internal meeting. They loved my Shiny App and now they asked me to present it to the whole company."

Luciano Testimonial

Jeff ranks Business Science University right with his MBA

"This is how highly I think of Matt Dancho's courses. Right next to my MBA in analytics."

Jeff Young Testimonial

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