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10 Secrets to Becoming a Data Scientist
Learn the blueprint that has KICKSTARTED the data science careers for over 2000 students.

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What You Learn

"These 10 Secrets have
KICKSTARTED the data science careers for over 2000 students."

Learn R

Learn the strengths of each language & confidently pick the best for you.

3 Stages to Data Science

Learn my 3 stages to data science & the 80/20 tools that help in each stage.

10 Most Important Functions

Learn my 10 most frequently used functions for data wrangling and visualization so you can speed up your learning.

RMarkdown Reporting

Learn how I make professional PDF Reports in R.

2 Best Machine Learning Libraries

Learn how I use the 2 Best Machine Learning Libraries for experimentation and production.

7 Steps to Manage Projects

Learn the 7-steps of successful data science projects using my Business Science Project Management Framework (BSPF).

Forecast 10,000 Time Series

Learn which R packages to use to forecast 10,000 time series saving companies millions $$$ in the process.

Make Shiny Apps

Learn how to make the 2 key components of shiny apps so you can automate your data science analysis.

Use AWS Cloud

Learn how to set up a REAL production EC2 server on AWS.

Deployment with Docker & Git

Learn how to launch a REAL shiny app into production with Docker & Git.

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