Your Transformation Process

Why Business Science will work for you.

Learn Data Science - The Workflow

Data Science Workflow

Data scientists have one goal: to generate business value. They do this by developing products that influence decisions.

The data science workflow is how data scientists generate business value. It ends with deploying distributed web applications.

The data science toolchain is what a data scientist must learn to be effective in all phases of the data science workflow and ultimately generate value by taking models to production.

Climbing the Hill

The goal is simple. You need to implement distributed web applications that solve business problems and generate ROI for your organization.

To accomplish this, you need to climb the hill, learning: Data Manipulation, Visualization, Advanced Machine Learning, and Distributed Web Applications. This is going to take years, right?

Learn Data Science - The Goal

Learn Data Science - The Plan

Integrated 3-Course System

With our integrated 3-course system, you will climb to the top in weeks!

In the process, you will learn the most in-demand tools while completing real-world projects.

  • 3-Course R-Track (shown): tidyverse, H2O, Shiny, and more.

  • Expert Shiny Apps (Comming Soon): Advanced ShinyApps

This is how we accelerate your learning.

Accelerated Learning

In 23 weeks or less you learn critical foundations tidyverse, advanced machine learning with H2O, and ML-powered web apps with Shiny.

With a traditional university this would take 4-years.

With Business Science University it takes 5-months of about 5-10 hours per week of coursework.

The Result