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Data Scientists

You know data science and machine learning, but you could use some help building on your knowledge by adding specialized, topical experts.

We add subject-matter experts (SME) in data science for Digital Marketing, HR, Sales, Logistics and more to compliment your skill set.


You're interested in utilizing predictive analytics as a competitive advantage but don't have a data science team established.

We are your bolt-on data science team! We'll develop predictive models to solve the most complex business problems while understanding and fitting seamlessly into your organization.

Your Strategic Analytics Partner

Why partner with us?

Using our network of data science consultants, we pull together the right team to get your custom projects done on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. We emphasize teams over individuals, which is better suited for solving complex, real-world projects. In addition, we offer the following benefits:

Data Science on Demand
"Data scientists are at a premium and the good ones are difficult to come by."

Don't be bound by this adage. Data science is our core competency. We have a network of data scientists that are experts in their areas. This allows us to scale as needed, on demand.

IT on Demand

IT departments are overloaded resulting in backlogs that can extend years, which impacts project lead times and ultimately business performance.

Let Business Science help. We have a network of IT professionals that are ready when needed. The result is that project lead times go from years to months.

One Secure Contract

Enterprises don't outsource because it takes months to vet consultants and security and maintenance is a big concern.

With Business Science, there's one secure contract at the onset. After that you're setup for all the data science and IT services your organization can handle. Further, we offer optional long-term maintenance agreements so your organization has peace of mind.

Leaders in Analytics

Work with some of the best minds in analytics. We've built professional grade R packages that enable data science to be applied in finance and business. Looking to build something great? Speak with the experts. We'd love to talk.

Partners in Data Science

We believe that it is only possible to achieve greatness by working together. We seek to develop long lasting relationships with clients in the various industries we service. Through these collaborative partnerships we can develop applications and services that define the future in your respective field.

Creativity Innovation

With a keen focus on contributing to the future of analytics, we push the boundaries of what is possible. This requires creativity, which ultimately leads to innovation. It's this spirit of innovation that could also help you.

Our Expertise

Interactive Web Applications

Developing algorithms and analytics is only one aspect of what we do. We also specialize in communication via interactive web applications. We develop and implement customized web apps using shiny by RStudio.

Interactive Web Applications
Interactive Web Applications


We create interactive dashboards to communicate your models and results to your organization or your customers via web apps. We use the best interactive libraries including leaflet, plotly, highcharter, dygraphs, and more.

Full Stack Development

We have the capability to handle all aspects of analytics from front to back!

Full Stack
R Product Consultants

R Product Consultants

Interested in R, but not sure which R products you need? We can help. We'll provide expert guidance customized to your organization's data science direction. Further, we'll even help with setup to get you off the ground! We work as support for RStudio Products so you can go from zero to data science!

Reproducible Documentation

Business Science believes in 100% reproducibility. To accomplish this we implement rmarkdown reporting to document assumptions, preliminary visualizations, and the process used to arrive at the final solution.

Reproducible Reporting
Interactive Web Applications

Package Development, Validation, and Testing

Have code that your team is constantly sourcing? Turn it into a package to more easily distribute and to prevent unauthorized changes. Don't know how? We can help! We have extensive experience with creating R packages including code testing and validation.

Version Control Setup

Version control is critical insurance as you develop code. We can help setup git repositories to ensure your team's code is version controlled even if you're behind a firewall.

Reproducible Reporting